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Weekly Report #57 - Living Elsewhere (Trip to Bali)



This article is a record and reflection of my life during the week from 2024-04-01 to 2024-04-10.

As I write this, it is already the end of May. Unknowingly, it has been delayed for two months. It is not just the update of the weekly report, but also the many things that have happened recently that seem to have made my whole life difficult to separate. However, when I didn't even notice it myself, the weekly report, as a medium for recording life, has become a part of myself. Losing this part of time for recording often makes me feel like I have lost myself, so I plan to find it back.

Unlike the usual collection, this time I will record in chronological order. Although there may be some details missing due to the long time span, the process of recalling can still capture some memories. This is the first article, and I am striving to catch up with the progress.

Living Elsewhere#

In the second half of March, I was busy with early morning driving practice and consecutive exams for the second and third stages. Despite the exhaustion, I finally achieved something and got my driver's license on April 3rd. I have mentioned before that I have no good impression of learning to drive and even have some resistance to it, but after actually completing this task, I still felt a sense of accomplishment. It has also benefited my travel in Hangzhou.

Next was the Qingming Festival, and also the long-planned trip to Bali.

Milan Kundera has a book called "Life is Elsewhere," which aptly describes my mood at the time. Actually, I am not particularly fond of traveling, and I don't have any special obsession or longing for blue skies, white clouds, island beaches, etc. However, when various pressures of life come one after another, it seems that living elsewhere can bring me a breath of relief. It is both an escape and a pursuit.

Vacation and Travel#


To fly from Beijing to Bali, you have to transfer in the Philippines, with a total flight time of nearly 10 hours. After finishing reading "The Red and the Black" on my Kindle, I slept for most of the journey and woke up near dusk. Looking out the window, the setting sun and the clouds overlapping each other seemed to brighten my mood.


By the time I arrived at the hotel, it was already early morning. At first, the stuffy air and mosquitoes everywhere didn't leave a good first impression, but all the emotions disappeared when I saw the picturesque beach the next morning. The first two days were spent mostly on the beach and by the pool, following the typical vacation mode. But it wasn't until the second day, when I was wearing a local Bali T-shirt and flip-flops, that I truly started my journey.

I have had discussions with my senior sister about the difference between vacation and travel. When we went to Qinhuangdao Anaya for our anniversary before, we were more concerned about being together in an environment, and the important thing was the relaxed state of mind, regardless of the location itself. The same goes for later trips to Beijing or Tangshan Hot Springs in Nanjing. However, travel is different. The chosen destination, food, culture, and the people you meet are all important parts of it. I enjoy immersing myself and experiencing it. A meal that is not delicious, the unpleasant exhaust fumes of motorcycles on the roadside, or bargaining with street vendors will all be part of the memories.

Interestingly, along the way, I have seen magnificent waterfalls, monkeys scattered throughout the mountains, sacred temple ceremonies, and many more. But the most memorable experience was when we were about to leave and relaxedly lying on the floor of a small shop in Kuta. He was still lying down while we were picking bracelets, and he continued to lie down until we paid and left.

It seems that since a certain moment in college, I have been busy with various things, academics, clubs, work, and it seems that there has never been a true moment of relaxation. Of course, there are times when I daydream, laze around, or watch dramas without focusing on anything, but what I mean is the moment when I can think about nothing.

Even though I know I won't use it, I always bring my laptop with me every time I travel. Just like the various memes on the internet, I have had meetings, written code, at friends' weddings, amusement parks, restaurants, and next to roadside trash cans. It seems that this is a way of life that I recognize and even enjoy. In Kuta, I seemed to see another way of life in a foreign country thousands of kilometers away. This kind of life does not belong to me, nor is it what I desire, but I can feel the relaxation and ease of "doing nothing."

Travel Highlights#



The rest are some regular travel records. The scenery in Bali is indeed beautiful, but the food is just average. We mostly ate buffet meals at the hotel. After resting for two days in Nusa Dua, we went to Kuta and tried surfing for the first time. Although it was only in shallow waters, I fell many times in the waves and drank a lot of seawater, but after more than an hour of practice, I was able to catch a few small waves. We hired a local guide through Klook and visited waterfalls, holy springs, and even had glasses stolen by monkeys in the monkey forest. Apart from surfing, it was a typical trip. I took some videos, maybe there's material for a second vlog.

Interesting Things and Objects#


Although most interesting inputs are automatically synchronized in the "Yu's Life" Telegram channel, I will still list some of them here. It feels more like a newsletter.





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