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✋ Hi, I'm pseudoyu#

Blockchain developer, Master of Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing (ECIC) from the University of Hong Kong. I enjoy exploring new technologies and tinkering with productivity tools like Logseq in my free time. Follow me on GitHub. Learn more on my Telegram channel.

I hope to continue learning and growing. My current goal is to be able to think and read and write more in the busy moments of life.

🎓 Personal aspirations#

In terms of life, I hope to continue supporting and being supported by my close friends, maintain a close and friendly relationship with my family, face life's challenges with the people I care about, and also meet more interesting people.

In terms of professional aspirations, I hope to continue making progress and leave a mark in the open-source world.

In terms of financial aspirations, I hope to be self-sufficient and have enough support to do what I want to do, exploring a more diverse future life.

In terms of social aspirations, I hope to have the opportunity to participate in more public welfare activities or other forms of good deeds, and bring about small changes to the world.

⌛️ About the website#

Pseudoyu is my first website, mainly used to record life, learning, and miscellaneous thoughts. It was originally based on WordPress and hosted on my personal server. Later, it was migrated to a WeChat public account with the same name. Finally, considering stability and freedom, I decided to use Hugo to generate my own static web pages, hosted on GitHub and bound to the domain.

The naming of Pseudoyu is quite coincidental. When registering for HKU, I had a hard time deciding what uid to use because my name was too common. Later, I used the prefix "pseudo" and pseudonym has the meaning of "pen name" or "alias". In programming, pseudocode is commonly used and means "fake code". In the anime series Monogatari Series - Nisemonogatari, there is also an exploration of "true" and "fake". So why can't there be a pseudo yu (me)?

I often doubt myself and tend to avoid discussing "original intentions" or "meaning" with my close friends. Even if I achieve some worldly achievements, it is difficult for me to feel joy or satisfaction from the bottom of my heart. Everything feels meaningless, like a "fake". As I grow older and gain more experiences, in another article Confession at 23: In Pursuit of Meaning, I wrote, "Perhaps the process of thinking itself is the construction of meaning, allowing me to no longer expect a moment of enlightenment, but just hope to continue moving forward, experiencing and pursuing my own life."

The name Pseudoyu also implies that I should not dwell on meaning too often, but instead continue to learn, experience, and challenge new things, even if I am judged as "changed" or "not being myself", I can accept it with joy.

I hope to input more new knowledge and ideas and write more small articles.

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