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Weekly Report #47 - Interviews, Boxing, and Work Status



This article is a record and reflection on the past few weeks of life from September 13th to September 17th, 2023.

On Monday, I finally went to the cinema to watch the long-awaited "Inception". It had been a long time since I last went to the movies. On Saturday, I went to Yuanmingyuan Park for sketching, enjoying a fulfilling day. On Sunday, I went to a boxing gym for my first boxing class, which was a novel experience. Midweek, I finally met Atlas and had a conversation about work and life. My life is gradually getting back on track, but there are some issues with my work status, so I made some adjustments. I also had a guest interview on the Polebug channel, where we discussed many topics related to Web3 and contract development. There were many interesting things happening.


I had a chat on Polebug's Bilibili channel about my previous learning experience and topics related to Web3 and smart contracts. Unknowingly, the conversation lasted nearly 30 minutes. It was an interesting chat and also served as a small summary of my learning journey.


I came across this sport a long time ago in my senior sister's article "Sports | What Did You Learn After Starting Boxing?". However, as a seasoned otaku, I can't even distinguish between Western boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, let alone try them. Until recently, when I wanted to find some sports to do together, I decided to give boxing a try. So I scheduled an afternoon on the weekend and went to the boxing gym in my sportswear.

I used to play roller skating for many years and also dabbled in skateboarding for a while, but I had little exposure to other sports. I had some psychological barriers before class. It turned out that my footwork and punching coordination were inconsistent because I hadn't been exposed to this type of sport before. My coordination was not very good, and I realized that I had been stuck in my own thinking for too long. At first, I wanted to make a diagram to arrange the sequence of each movement, and I felt a little frustrated because my body and mind were not in sync. However, after practicing for a while, I could barely keep up with the pace of the exercises.

My senior sister also filmed a short video of me practicing punches, which she posted on the channel.

Experiencing the thrill of throwing punches in the first class was very rewarding. Overall, it is an interesting and stress-relieving sport. It is not as difficult as I imagined. Many footwork and detailed movements still need to be practiced. I want to continue training and stick with it.

Work Status Adjustment#

In fact, my life has gradually returned to normal in the past few weeks, as can be seen from the frequency of my weekly reports. I have started reading books and watching movies again. I have finally taken the first step in sports, and I will gradually participate in some outdoor activities on weekends. My mood seems to be consistently good.

However, I noticed some issues with my work status. It's not about the direction or content of my work, but rather the fact that I want to do too many things and explore everything. However, my time and energy are limited, and I have lost my focus. This has also affected my efficiency. After discussing with my team leader and colleagues, I started making some adjustments.

It seems that it's time for me to make some personal adjustments again.

Personal Life Highlights#


Because I have subscribed to various streaming services both domestically and internationally and don't really follow hot topics, I rarely go to the cinema. After work on Monday, I went to see the long-awaited "Inception". The last movie that left a deep impression on me was the three-hour-long Batman movie, which I also loved.

Nolan's "Interstellar" and the Batman trilogy are among my favorite movies. His pursuit of on-site realism and emotional control is very suitable for more profound biographical, historical, and superhero themes. The protagonist stands out but also feels real, and the supporting characters each have their own story. The deliberately disrupted time narrative, the interweaving of black and white and color images, and the long dialogues are the most memorable. As a biography, it is difficult to expect a distinct storyline and pacing. The slightly chaotic and complex visual composition reflects Nolan's editing style, and as a result, several plot twists and foreshadowings are revealed.

Sketching at Yuanmingyuan Park#


Another fun thing on the weekend was going to Yuanmingyuan Park for sketching with my senior sister. It was my first time visiting Yuanmingyuan Park. Although I brought a camera, I didn't take many photos. I took a few simple ones. However, I tried out the new Sony ZV1 Mark II that I bought to record my life. It is a compact camera that is much better than the previous ZV1 in terms of focal length and usability. I adjusted it to HLG3, which is consistent with the camera's settings. I can use it to shoot videos in the future, and maybe I will regularly record some vlogs.

Interesting Things and Finds#


Although most interesting inputs are automatically synchronized in the Yu's Life Telegram channel, I still want to list some of them here. It feels more like a newsletter.


  • Building a Second Brain: I am currently building my own knowledge management system based on its theory and continuing to read it.
  • Elon Musk: I am looking forward to this biography. I just browsed through a little bit.




  • Inception: See the previous section for details.
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