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Weekly Report #46 - Farewell to Long Hair, the Original Intention of Weekly Reports, and Contract Development


This article is a record and reflection on the past few weeks of life from September 5th, 2023 to September 13th, 2023. I focused on writing a relatively simple contract project, and also reorganized my learning experience and insights related to contract development in an interview with a popular YouTuber friend. I continued to create my own tutorial series. I was contacted by a publishing house and may start writing a technical book, which is both exciting and nervous. Due to my hair texture and personal reasons, I temporarily cut off my long hair and started growing it again, which is the biggest change recently. I wrote an article about building a knowledge system that I really like, rediscovering the joy of writing at its most fundamental level. I also saw my weekly reports mentioned in more and more blog posts, which made me happy but also a little embarrassed. It made me rethink the original intention of writing my weekly reports. There are also many interesting things happening.

Saying Goodbye to Long Hair#

Although it may seem a bit exaggerated to write a special section about cutting hair, I still have some feelings about it.

I have had long hair and blue hair for a year. From the initial discomfort to gradually becoming a symbol of my own, it has accompanied me for a long time and experienced different stages of life. At the end of last year, I dyed my hair blue because I wanted to change my style. It fulfilled my little wish as an anime fan. Coincidentally, I didn't go out to cut my hair for two months because of the pandemic in Beijing. By the time I could go out freely, my hair had grown to a considerable length. I bought some cool headbands and decided to keep it long. It has been a year since then.

It's amazing how when your appearance leaves a striking impression on others, your inner self seems to have less constraints and concerns. I had a casual chat with a Middle Eastern investor who was interested in my headband at the Web3 Festival in Hong Kong. I was approached by a colleague from high school who has been doing Web3 and hadn't been in contact for nearly ten years. It was surprising but also delightful. Maybe I have always had the desire to share and communicate, but because of social anxiety and concerns about others' reactions, I hesitated. The hairstyle and hair color have given me some courage to expose myself in the crowd, like a protective color.

Since the color has faded and my hair has become rough due to several bleaching treatments, and because I have an important event at the end of the month, I made up my mind to cut off my long hair first and grow it again. The day after I had the idea, I went to the hair salon and cut it off. After cutting it, I didn't feel as uncomfortable as I imagined. On the contrary, I felt relieved. Perhaps the changes brought about by this year are not just the length of my hair. My state of mind is also slowly changing, and I have gained more courage to face the world.

Interestingly, STRRL also cut off his long hair around the same time, which is a loss for the village of Liangzhu.

Reflections on Weekly Reports#

I published an article called "Personal Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management System (Heptabase + Logseq + Readwise)" in the middle of the week. It took me several hours to write it. It started as an idea derived from a weekly report and turned into a well-structured article. It has been a long time since I enjoyed the process of writing so much.

I have accumulated more and more topics that I want to write about, and most of them have enough material to be written down. However, I often hesitate and feel that I am "not qualified" to convey and evaluate them. Just like this knowledge system, I have only been using Heptabase for about two weeks, and Readwise even shorter. In terms of functionality, I can't really claim to be familiar with all the modules. But when I started writing, it seemed that my thoughts and practices on this system over the past few years turned into paragraphs of text unconsciously. I wrote so much without realizing it, which is a strange feeling. So perhaps what is important is still independent thinking and writing, rather than trying to match the comprehensiveness of textbooks or documentation.

The weekly report is a dialogue with my future self, and I always feel relaxed when I write it. After all, I am the most qualified person to record and examine myself.



This week, I saw in several friends' weekly reports that the format of my weekly report has had some impact on them. I am happy but also a little embarrassed. It seems that I haven't been publishing on time for a long time (even this one), and even after delaying it for a long time, I still rushed to finish it. After publishing it, I realized that I had missed some interesting things and thought, I'll mention them next time, and so on.

Life is full of little daily details, just like I like to use a camera to capture some small scenes on the street. Words are the frame through which I face this world, and I hope I can leave more, more vivid memories and beauty.

Reading and Book Notes#


This week, I came across an interesting article called "Introduction to Writing". It is a set of principles about writing shared by the author of a popular research report about Binance. In fact, in my photography and writing, I often don't pay much attention to the "techniques" and often follow my feelings and so-called aesthetics. But I often worry that I won't be able to record my inner thoughts and what I want to express due to a lack of expressive ability. So this article is quite interesting. I made some notes while reading it and synchronized them to Logseq.

Interesting Things and Objects#


Arbitrum Stylus#

A framework called Stylus that allows Rust contracts to run on EVM architecture chains. It has a lot of imagination, and I'm thinking about revisiting Rust with a purpose.

Introduction to Investing#

Meng Yan's video "How Does Investing Make Money?" is really good. It has a similar narrative style to the previous video "How Does the Economic Machine Work?". I learned a lot about concepts related to stocks, funds, and indices that were previously a bit vague to me. I also gained some understanding of investment principles and strategies. I watched it while taking notes in Heptabase and shared it.

By the way, I finally got to know what my senior sister is doing.



Although most of the interesting inputs are automatically synchronized in the Yu's Life Telegram channel, I will list some of them here. It feels more like a newsletter.


  • Building a Second Brain: I am currently building my own knowledge management system based on its theory. Continuing to read.



TV Shows#

  • Street Gourmet Season 1: I watched it while having a meal. It made me crave a lot of delicious food.
  • Kamen Rider: I also randomly opened it on Netflix. The plot is average, and the overall pace is not tight.
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