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Weekly Report #36 - Gastroenteritis, Pinching Update, and New Journey



This article is a record and reflection on the life from 2023-03-25 to 2023-04-02.

I never expected that as a southerner who has lived in Hangzhou for more than ten years, I would experience severe discomfort when returning to live in Hangzhou again.

In the previous article, I mentioned that Nie Nie got sick due to the bumpy journey, but fortunately, after a period of adaptation, I went for a detailed physical examination yesterday and there was no problem. I was prescribed some nutritional supplements for recuperation.

However, in the first week of dealing with moving and various settling matters, my body had various reactions. But since I rarely get sick, I didn't pay much attention to it. It wasn't until I relaxed that everything broke out.

I am also adjusting to the new work mode and rhythm. Due to some physical and mental fatigue, I didn't give myself much buffer time, so my work and other arrangements are not ideal. However, I am in the process of self-adjustment.

In addition, let me be sentimental:

April is coming without you. - "Your Lie in April"


After leaving the boarding school in high school, my daily routine and eating habits became irregular. I have always had a casual and somewhat fearful attitude towards health. During the busiest and most multitasking period in college, I even had the strange idea of "as long as I don't know my physical condition, I can continue to work with peace of mind." Therefore, I haven't had a physical examination for a long time.

It was only during the time I spent at home during the Gap period that I started paying more attention. I went for a physical examination, took care of my teeth, and dealt with various minor and major issues. After that, I started valuing my life a little more. Interestingly, I have always been the kind of person who takes care of my own body and miraculously remains healthy. Even though I spend more than ten hours a day staring at the computer, my eyesight has hardly deteriorated. Without taking too many precautions, I have managed to avoid several waves of epidemics and remain uninfected. As a result, I seem to have a misconception that I won't get sick.

Maybe it was the intense gatherings in the previous two weeks, or the two days of drinking with friends during the first weekend after returning, or maybe it was for some unknown reason that I drank a glass of cold milk late at night. I started feeling some discomfort in my stomach and intestines on Monday, but I didn't pay much attention to it. I neither went to the hospital nor took any medicine. I endured it for two days and finally experienced the consequences on Wednesday and Thursday. In the afternoon, the pain was so intense that I had to curl up to get some relief. My habit of staying up late and not taking naps was forcibly corrected to a healthier routine (the pain subsided when I fell asleep). It wasn't until Thursday that I obediently ordered some medicine and started taking it. The situation slightly improved the next day, and it wasn't until today, when I went to the hospital for an appointment, that I found out it was acute gastroenteritis. I had managed to wait until all the indicators were normal before seeking medical help.

Although I didn't have to take sick leave during my first week at work, there wasn't much progress in other aspects besides completing some basic and relatively easy work tasks. I even felt a bit embarrassed to write this weekly report. It is only now, when I am near recovery, that I truly appreciate good health. I should continue to have regular physical examinations and take care of my health, as it affects various aspects of life.


In terms of work, I was already familiar with some people and projects, so I mainly explored based on existing information and code. I also familiarized myself with the development process through one or two small requirements. In the future, I will choose to develop requirements that I find interesting, which is a good approach.

However, my plan to read code and familiarize myself with a new module was disrupted by my illness. Overall, I am not very satisfied. I always feel like I haven't fully immersed myself in focusing on writing code. Fortunately, I have almost recovered over the weekend, so I need to catch up more next week.

Perhaps due to my previous experience with remote work, I quickly adapted to the remote work mode. It's not a new experience, but I need to improve my task management system.

Nie Nie's Situation#

As mentioned in the previous article, Nie Nie got sick. After two weeks of treatment, she finally recovered. However, because I was worried, I took her to a nearby pet hospital for a complete physical examination. Everything is fine now, and her spirit and appetite have returned to normal.


Nie Nie was a bit reserved and unhappy at the beginning in the new home.


After getting familiar with the environment, she seems to be more relaxed than when she was in Beijing. Now she even sleeps on my shoulder for a night or lies on the blanket next to me. She adapted faster than I imagined and completed the transition from a northern cat to a southern cat.


A friend of mine is going on a trip for a while, so she brought her cat to my house to get familiar with the environment and take care of it. This way, even when I'm not at home, my family can help with feeding and taking care of the cat. I thought Nie Nie would be happy with the new companion, but for some reason, they don't get along. When the two cats are together, they always show off, argue, and even fight. It has been going on for two days.

At first, Nie Nie, as the owner of the house, seemed to lose her territory and often hid in the corner or silently lay down. But somehow, starting from tonight, they both started fighting back. They have been fighting until now, but they haven't actually hit each other. It's all just a show of force. My inner thoughts are as follows:


I will report on the new situation next week, or I hope they become good friends when I wake up from a nap.

New Journey and Plans#


This weekend, I met a new friend, Xiao, in Hangzhou. We had seen each other's blogs before but had never met in person. We had a meal together and had a lot of conversations, from technology to life, from work to life, from ideals to reality, from emotions to freedom. It was quite magical.

Another friend of mine also said that they want to make an effort to meet more interesting people this month. I, who have been socially withdrawn for many years, only recently realized the charm of this. Communicating with people with different experiences often gives me new perspectives and ideas. This is probably the value of seeking common ground while reserving differences.

So, starting this month, I plan to go out more and meet more interesting people. It can be considered as part of the new phase. However, I still need to balance my time for remote work. I am still trying my best.

In the next month, I will be visiting Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chengdu, and Xi'an one after another. My schedule is full, but I am filled with anticipation. If any interested friends happen to be in those cities, we may have a chance to meet.

Interesting Things#


Although most interesting inputs are automatically synchronized in the "Yu's Life" Telegram channel, I will list some of them here. It feels more like a newsletter.



Similarly, I will list some interesting videos I have watched:

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