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Weekly Report #35 - Newspaper, Moving, and Feeling Ill



This article is a record and reflection on the life from 2023-03-14 to 2023-03-23 of this week.

If it weren't for the motivation from xLog, I almost decided to skip this weekly report.

In the past week and a half, Nie Nie got sick, my parents drove to Beijing to pick up the cat (and me), accompanied them on a trip (although it was my first time visiting all the attractions), met friends who are about to part ways, a 15-hour long-distance trip between cities, house hunting (although it only took 1 hour to sign the contract), moving and decorating the new home, and starting a new job, etc. It seems that everything is happening one after another, without any time to catch my breath.

Perhaps because I am often immersed in the parts of work and life that I care about, I don't really perceive many things clearly. Even though it seems that my life has changed in all aspects and states in less than a week, I only had a sense of reality when I typed the above paragraph.

But it's true that not coding for nearly three weeks will make me rusty (and seeing the blank commit records makes me feel a little uneasy), so I need to pick up the pace. There are still many interesting things to do.

Published in the Newspaper#


The most meaningful thing this week is probably the publication of the interview report by "China Daily · 21st Century English Newspaper". It's not a big achievement in itself, after all, it's not a technical contribution, and I still have a long way to go in various aspects. But for me, it still has a unique meaning, or rather, it feels like a strange encounter of fate.

In early 18, when I was a junior majoring in English, I was in a state of extreme confusion. I encountered obstacles in transferring majors and applying for a minor. Due to the significant difference in my major background, I was repeatedly advised to consider doing product/operation roles instead of technical positions during front-end interviews at small start-ups, even though they said "you have good abilities". Self-study also seemed to hit a bottleneck, and I always felt that I learned a lot of things without knowing how to proceed in the future.

I gathered up the courage to add a friend and consult a computer science major English learning blogger (?) named 'LearnAndRecord' about his thoughts and suggestions on my choices. I didn't really have high hopes, but he patiently replied to me with a lot of advice, including specific directions, etc. It can be said that at that stage, he became the biggest motivation for me to continue.



Later, I applied to schools, got offers, switched to coding, and started working in a field I love. Of course, there were many setbacks and joys during the process, and I am deeply moved. The timing of the publication happened to be when I joined RSS3 as I wished, which allowed me to explore future possibilities and lifestyles more freely. It's like a milestone, telling myself that everything before seemed meaningful, and I really did it. It turns out it was worth it.

Using the title of a friend's blog post, "I Will Set Sail", there are still many interesting things worth pursuing in the future, and it seems that I am at this point, neither early nor late.

Also, after knowing 'LR Jun' for so many years, we finally had a meal together, which can be considered a successful star chase!!!


The place where I have spent the most time in the past two years is in front of my desk, so I care a lot about the organization and arrangement of my desk. Because there was only a week between my last day at the previous company and the onboarding at the new company, and I only had two days to handle various matters after returning to Hangzhou, I quickly found a rental place not far from home, signed the contract, set up the internet, moved, and decorated. I completed all of this within two days. Although I still lack some household items, it is still a preliminary result.


The desk and chair were left by the previous tenant, and I plan to change them later. I will gradually adjust the other things! The south-facing floor-to-ceiling window is really great!

By the way, let's commemorate the desktop setup I had in Beijing before.


Moving is a mentally exhausting task, and this time it went smoothly thanks to my parents helping with the move. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the new home.

It can be considered as officially leaving Beijing, leaving behind a lot of memories and experiences in this place where I left my mark. I have moved to many cities before and after, and it seems that I should be used to farewells, but I still feel sad. Goodbye.

Nie Nie's Illness#


Since Saturday, Nie Nie suddenly started vomiting. After observing for a while, I immediately took her to the pet hospital for an examination. It turned out to be a Helicobacter pylori infection. The doctor said it's not a big problem, but it requires a period of treatment. I was quite worried because I also had to sit in the car for more than ten hours to return to Hangzhou.


On the way out, I kept watching the home security camera, but she was so active that she drained the battery of the mobile monitoring robot. It seems like she's fine.

Fortunately, her symptoms improved after taking the medicine for a day, and her appetite and everything else have also returned to normal. She was well-behaved throughout the journey.

There is still about a week of treatment left, I hope she recovers soon!

She has officially changed from a northern cat to a southern kitty!


Interesting Things and Items#


Although most interesting inputs are automatically synchronized in the 'Yu's Life' Telegram channel, I will still list some of them here. It feels more like a newsletter.



Similarly, I have recorded some interesting videos I have watched:


I have recorded some podcasts that I am listening to:

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