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Weekly Report #24 - Love Actually | Love Above All



This article is a record and reflection on the life of the week from 2022-12-20 to 2022-12-27.

Unconsciously, this is already the 24th article, and also the last weekly report of 2022. Sometimes there is such a sense of ceremony, when meaningful things happen at relatively regular time points, it often brings extra joy.

Sometimes sharing is so wonderful. Although I have been used to closing the entrance of my friends' circle and rarely posting things related to personal emotions in the past four or five years, I started to record my daily life in the weekly report in the past six months, and frequently share on Twitter and Instagram (although most of them are related to cats, it is also the first step in social anxiety recovery treatment). Sometimes changes may not require too many reasons, just timing.

This week, I am still busy with studying and working, but maybe because I have been seriously lacking sleep in the past few days (I usually sleep after 3 am), my efficiency is not very high. Most of the time is spent on watching lectures and debugging code, which can be considered as a slow adjustment of the pace.

I spent my first Christmas at home with my cat. I received a Christmas costume sent by a friend for my cat, but I was too lazy to take pictures that day. I will release them together at the end of the year (they are still in the SD card). I also ordered a delivery of the fat brother duo crab pot that I missed for a long time, but maybe due to long-term fasting and having only one meal a day, my appetite has decreased significantly and I didn't finish it even when divided into two meals.

A college classmate I haven't contacted for a long time has recently become a live streamer on Bilibili. Suddenly, I feel that my otaku attribute has been awakened. I watched a few live streams and also took on the role of a righteous moderator and an information teacher in the fan group (?). It's quite interesting. By the way, I also researched a bit about recording software and set up a server to automatically record videos using Docker. It feels interesting to be able to solve my friend's problems with technologies I am familiar with.

In addition, it snowed on my blog.

Love Actually#


Although it is difficult for me to think about how much longing and courage I still have for love at the moment, the person I thought I could spend the rest of my life with quietly left, and the traces of life were gradually erased. But when memories rush back to my mind, I can't help but doubt whether true love exists. So on Christmas night, I revisited the classic movie "Love Actually" and it has become a tradition for me every year.

No matter how painful I am at the moment, watching this movie always makes me willing to continue believing in the beauty of love. This movie, along with the English cover of "Christmas Song" by Matt Cab (the theme song of the Japanese drama "Asa Gozen Juu"), always connects Christmas with beautiful love for me. It has nothing to do with specific emotions or experiences, but this beautiful atmosphere is enough to express all feelings.


My favorite couple is this one, although their love is hidden in their hearts, it is sincere and beautiful.

"I love you, and it has nothing to do with you."

It is quite rare (or childish) to still have so many fantasies at this age, but I always feel that the affection I like is far above other factors, and I still insist on it after experiencing all these.

While writing, some emotions inevitably arise. I don't want to talk too much, so I'll share the lyrics.

The sound and bells are ringing everywhere,

A common classic familiar feeling,

There's something about the coldness in the air,

This season's got me feeling some kind away the night,

Christmas Carol's on repeat,

and happy couples fill the street,

See the city glistening,the sun and rushes over me,

I just wanna see your face, want you next to me,

Cause it has to be alone in Christmas Eve,

And if I could have just one wish come true,

girl you know, I wish for you,

Oh no every time I take a look around,

I get a little blue,

Cause even though I ask Santa to be nice to me,

There's nothing he can do,

I just want you in my arms, want you close to me,

and if I have you by my side make sure you'll never leave,

Yeah I know you out there aren't you missing me,

Cause girl you know, I'm missing you,

No I can't find a better word to say,

I don't know what they'll do,

So maybe it's just better if you let me sum it up,

Baby I love you,

Oh......Oh baby.....yeah......

And it feels like yesterday,

the first time that I saw your face,

I never felt quite like this before,

Girl you do something to me~.

—— From Matt Cab's 《クリスマスソング (English Cover)》

Daily Life with "Nie Nie"#

The photos I took before and during Christmas haven't been released yet, so let's share some quiet daily life photos.








This section will record my input and output, as well as other interesting things.


Last week, I wrote an article about how to learn, which is a summary and reflection on my own experiences. I am quite happy with it, and I also posted it on "少数派" (a tech media platform in China) while continuing to work to earn money for cat food haha.

Although I don't want to start setting various New Year's resolutions so early, I have to continue updating articles!



  • Tian Guan Ci Fu (Heaven's Official Blessing), this one is quite interesting. I rarely watch Chinese anime or similar genres, but my younger sister who is in junior high school started writing fan fiction about Tian Guan. Although I have read all the chapters, I haven't watched the anime, so I caught up with it. It's interesting to get to know my sister's preferences and the world she pays attention to.

  • Death Note: Desu nôto, the anime of Death Note is unbeatable, but I like it so much that even if I am disappointed, I will still watch various derivative works. However, the series is unexpectedly good, focusing on Light's psychological portrayal and changes.

  • Spy x Family, I didn't follow when Part 2 started, but I just caught up these days. Aniya-saikou!

  • The Three-Body Problem, the fourth episode is a bit confusing, and the plot that could be explained in a few sentences was stretched into one episode.

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