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Weekly Report #21 - Rediscovering Life



This article is a record and reflection on the life of the week from 2022-11-28 to 2022-12-06.

It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. However, even after the 21st report, I still couldn't update it on time, and every week I came up with various excuses for the delay.

In the past week, work was not particularly busy. The features developed for the event were successfully launched and entered the maintenance phase. However, my sleep condition is still worrying, and I usually go to bed after 3 am. The project I mentioned before, which I prepared with my junior, has also started gradually. However, it feels more like being busy with things I like, so it can be considered a happy burden. But there are still many things piled up, and even though I am used to multitasking, I often feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, I feel that my physical health is still okay.

I am still working remotely from home due to the pandemic (I haven't been out for 15 days). I continue to spend time with Nienie and, in relation to the previous theme of the weekly report, "The Put-Aside Life and Self," it seems that my life has been rediscovered, with many bright moments.

Rediscovering Life#

Even though I didn't realize it myself, I have undergone many changes in the 40 days since Nienie came home. Because I was busy with work and hadn't contacted a friend for over a month, I happened to help him solve a computer problem this time and had the following conversation:


Although I don't have such a melancholic temperament, overall, I am not a very positive and sunny person. I have a sense of detachment from life and many things, not because I don't care or can't empathize, but because I don't invest too much emotion. It's like a role-playing game, where I play myself. In conversations with others, I actually don't reveal much of my inner self. Similarly, it's not because of mistrust or intentional concealment, but simply because I'm not used to it.

But now, even though I haven't deliberately changed anything, I can still feel emotions gradually overflowing from my words, even in ordinary conversations. It is a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that gradually emerges from my own words. Although the decision to raise a cat again went through repeated consideration and weighing, I never thought it would be such a life-changing event for me. Besides being a pet and a roommate responsibility, she has become an integral part of my life.

When chatting with another close friend, I was asked:

"After having Nienie, will you be more content with your current life and unwilling to make any changes?"

In fact, my perception is quite the opposite. Recently, I have been more frequent and proactive in reorganizing my life rhythm and future goals, including the form, location, and content of my work. It seems that for the previous me, as long as I was doing what I liked and with people I cared about, it was enough, regardless of the city or the type of work. But now, in the "idle time" spent alone or with Nienie, I gradually find a more comfortable life state and pattern. I also pay more attention to the meaning of life itself. Life is not just an accessory to my hobbies and work, but a precious existence that deserves respect and exploration.

Although I don't want to sound so profound, Nienie seems to be a redemption that suddenly appeared in the dark moments of my life. I have entrusted too many emotions and feelings to her while taking care of her. So, I actually have more expectations for the future life we will spend together. At the very least, I will work harder to earn money for cat food and strive for more control over my time to provide more companionship.

Daily Life with 'Nienie'#

I have watched a documentary called "The Thoughts of Cats," which interprets cat behavior and the hidden thoughts behind them. Recently, I seem to have a similar tendency. I take a photo of some interesting moments in life and interpret them in "cat language." It is a very interesting experience. It seems that cats and humans are speculating about each other's thoughts.

Because she has more eye discharge, I consulted a doctor who said it may be due to excessive protein intake. So I started to change her food and reduce some snacks. On the first day, she found that the food was not as abundant as before, so she kept lying on my computer and looked at me with the expression in the picture below.







This section will record my input and output as well as other interesting things.


I found that I haven't written a proper technical blog for a long time. Many of them have already been drafted and noted, but they have not been organized into articles yet. I need to speed up my output. However, recently, I worked with the GoCN team to translate the "Google Go Programming Style Guide" and published an online version and a PDF version along with the previous "How To Code In Go." Today, I also received a collaboration invitation from Geek Time (by the way, all members of the group can enjoy a free column). It can be considered a small achievement, and I am very happy about it.


Unknowingly, my Telegram channel, "Yu's Life," has just reached 200 subscribers. It's quite amazing. It's just a small channel that automatically synchronizes my input and output from various platforms. It has gradually accumulated some followers, and I often receive private messages or friend requests from readers from various platforms. They say that the channel has brought them a different perspective and thinking. I am honored that such a small idea at the time can produce such interesting results. In the past few weeks, I have been busy with work and have had less input and output. I hope to continue to persevere.


Another hobby this week is teasing ChatGPT. AI chatbots nowadays are too powerful. If it were GitHub Copilot, it might only be able to assist in writing some utility methods. But ChatGPT can actually write the entire program (and even understand my spelling mistakes correctly). Looks like I'm going to be unemployed.



TV Shows#

  • Tang Dynasty Mysteries: Recommended by a friend, I haven't seen many shows of this genre. It was quite surprising and most of the plot can withstand scrutiny. The characters are very likable, especially Jun and Xiao Xuehuan!
  • Rim World: Although the first few episodes were a bit patchy, the presentation format was quite good. But as I watched more, it became more chaotic. It lacked the excitement of a movie like "Ready Player One" and didn't have much depth. In the end, it was a bit disappointing.
  • Wednesday: I forgot where I saw the recommendation. I finished watching it during work breaks. Apart from the initial unique setting, it became somewhat confusing later on. I was a bit disappointed, but I still finished watching it.
  • Quiet Snow: Currently following this show. It focuses on emotional rendering, so the pace is relatively slow. I just hope they won't torture the second male lead anymore.
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