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Weekly Report #20 - Lost Consumer Desire



This article is a record and reflection on the life of the week from 2022-11-18 to 2022-11-27.

It's finally the weekend, and I had a rare day without a heavy workload. I slept in and caught up on some progress of the TV series in the afternoon. Finally, I started writing the weekly report. It seems like I procrastinate for a few days every week (secretly), which delays the completion of the report. Now it's Sunday again, and a new cycle begins.

This week has been a devilish schedule. I usually sleep around three or four in the morning and wake up around eight or nine in the morning. For two or three days, I even stayed up until past six in the morning and then had a whole day of work. It's a repetitive cycle, but having the company of my cat makes it bearable. Besides, I've been staying at home all the time, which has brought about some close bonds.

Maybe it's because I've been too focused on work and have a laid-back attitude towards life. Coincidentally, I had to help a cool senior sister I mentioned before to list one of her artworks as an NFT. So I took my cat to her place to play and experienced a "WeWork + Cat Cafe" environment. I even had a couple of meals there. It was one of the few enjoyable moments this week. It made me realize the stark difference between my lifestyle and hers, but we each have our own pleasures.

On the other hand, my cat is really heartless. It doesn't take long for it to get used to new environments and gets easily bribed with delicious food and fun things. It curiously explores everywhere and doesn't want to leave when it's time to go. It's like I've raised it for nothing. I must work harder to improve its living environment in the future (the realization of a humble cat owner).

Lost Desire for Consumption#

In the past, I used to be someone with a strong desire for consumption, more like retaliatory consumption under suppression. Due to the way I was raised, I never had pocket money in the conventional sense during my student days. There were no rewards for doing well in exams (of course, on the flip side, there were no criticisms or punishments for doing poorly either, which was fair). Instead, if there was something I needed, I would talk to my parents and they would buy it for me. It was a decent arrangement, but it wasn't easy to bring up unnecessary or useless expenses with my family.

I still vividly remember (or rather, hold a grudge) the gift I waited for half a year in elementary school. I thought it would be a GBA SP (the flip, backlit GBA handheld console, because I always wanted to play Pokémon), but it turned out to be a remote-controlled helicopter. I was disappointed at the time. Looking back, it was actually pretty good. It laid the foundation for me to learn about drones later on.

However, because I couldn't get what I wanted immediately, there was always a suppressed desire for consumption. Starting from my junior year of college, I became financially independent, earning my own money and having the freedom to spend it. So I bought a lot of things, especially various electronic/digital products. Some of them were not really necessary or things I really wanted, but I enjoyed the feeling of owning them freely. I even developed a habit of collecting various packaging boxes (they are still neatly stacked on the top shelf of my bookcase).

After starting to work, this tendency became even stronger. After all, I work with software and hardware every day, and I enjoy tinkering with various tools and applications. With a certain level of financial capability, I have been spending a considerable amount on electronic devices and software. I even maintain a project called 'Personal Toolbox - pseudoyu/yu-tools', which has gained some popularity and is continuously updated. At the same time, I often buy some interesting Nintendo Switch games, although I have many games that I haven't had time to play yet, and I have lost the mindset of immersing myself in them.

It seems that I am someone who is willing to spend on hobbies and things I like. Compared to these, my daily diet and lifestyle seem relatively neglected. However, in the past six months, I have gradually lost my desire for consumption. It seems that I no longer have the enthusiasm to wait for days for a hardware product, follow its release, read reviews, and finally get it. Although I often complain that my 16-inch Intel laptop has been betrayed by Apple, I don't care as much about the so-called M series and the numbers behind it. It's more like a habit to look at the specifications and benchmarks, see what improvements have been made, and then say to myself, "Oh, okay, let's talk about the next generation."

I participated in the Double Eleven (Singles' Day) shopping festival recently. Since I just brought the cat home, I bought a lot of related supplies and received several days of deliveries in a row. However, when I settled everything and thought about buying something for myself, I seemed to be at a loss. It felt like I didn't lack anything and didn't have anything I wanted. In the end, I gave up. It's also Black Friday recently, and as usual, I opened some tweets and articles to see if there were any discounted software or digital products. After reading for a long time, I ended up buying two courses related to my recent work and a personal subscription to the note-taking app Craft. Most of the subscriptions are about to expire, but I don't feel much about it. Maybe I'll buy a health check-up package on Double Twelve (December 12th).

The decrease in material desires may not necessarily be a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe it's because I no longer need physical things that I can touch to fulfill my inner needs. I have gradually turned to internalizing certain aspects. Perhaps it's because I have entrusted many of my needs to my cat and some dependent relationships, and I don't pay as much attention to my temporary satisfaction as before. Or maybe it's because my curiosity and motivation for exploration have gradually been worn down by the increasingly saturated work and daily life.

Daily Life with 'Nie Nie'#

I was so busy this week that I didn't have time to read books, and I only had time to catch up on one TV series on the weekend. I didn't have time for anything else, but I did manage to take Nie Nie for a check-up. There are still some minor concerns, and I continue to take medication for treatment. I hope it can stay healthy. Even a small problem can cause great worry.

Because I have been working from home all the time, I have spent a lot of time with Nie Nie. There are many wonderful moments worth recording, and I can't help but share daily updates like a crazy parent. So I decided to add a section to the weekly report to record these moments. I also plan to create a photo album to capture these precious moments.









This section will record my inputs and outputs, as well as other interesting things.


TV Series#

  • First Love: The setting of a taxi driver reminds me of the dramas "A Little Reunion," "Drive My Car," and an anime called "Wacky Taxi." It's a drama I've been looking forward to for a while. The focus on music, the intertwining of past and present, and the performance of Manami Higa are all attractive points. There were several transitions that amazed me. However, it's hard to say that the plot is outstanding. I just want something sweet now, as I can't bear too much emotional turmoil. After all, I'm currently watching "Still Snowing," and I feel sorry for the second male lead and the second female lead every day. It seems that as I get older, I'm more suitable for sweet love stories. Overall, it's worth watching.
  • Still Snowing: Currently watching, it's really heartbreaking. I'm worried even about the smallest problems. I hope everything goes well for the second male lead.
  • Rim World: Currently watching.
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