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Weekly Report #18 - Companionship and Another Way of Life



This article is a record and reflection on the life of the week from 2022-11-01 to 2022-11-08.

This week was the first week of living with a cat. Because I bought various facilities and food for the cat during the Double Eleven Shopping Festival, there were many deliveries. I spent more than half of my time working from home and receiving deliveries. It allowed me to have more time to spend with the cat. It was so well-behaved. I took her for a check-up over the weekend, and overall, she is healthy. However, there are some concerning indicators related to her eyes and gastrointestinal system. She was prescribed medication for treatment, and we will go for a follow-up next week.

In terms of work, this week has been going well. Both projects are progressing, and I wrote a contract that has been put into production. I also wrote some practical scripts for daily activities, which reduced a lot of repetitive and tedious work. I am quite happy about it.


This is the first complete week spent with the cat. Because I am still worried about her condition when I am at home, I spent half of my time at home. When I am at the office, I often keep the camera on to observe her every move (although most of the time she is sleeping on the chair, I can still watch her for a long time). There is an inexplicable concern.


I used to think that I am someone who can be alone and does not need much companionship. Exploring interesting things or watching movies and reading books seemed enough to fill most of my leisure time. However, I gradually realized that I was actually in a state of emotional isolation. The accumulation of low and depressed emotions did not affect my normal life and work, and the pleasure I gained from daily life or work could not offset my negativity. Over time, sometimes I can even clearly feel my emotional state.

During this week of being with the cat, I can feel that I am relying on this feeling. Holding the cat while attending meetings, or watching her play beside me, time flows slowly and beautifully. I slowly realized how long it has been since I felt this way.

The bond between humans and cats is truly magical. We don't speak the same language, and it is difficult to empathize with each other's emotions. However, there seems to be a hidden understanding, with one person entrusting their need to be needed, and the other silently accompanying. I plan to pick up my camera and take more photos of my daily life with the cat. It seems that I can look forward to every day.


Another Way of Life#

This week, I had dinner with a senior sister I met in Hong Kong and who is now also living in Beijing. We probably only meet for dinner three or four times a year, but each time gives me a different experience. It allows me to imagine and anticipate another way of life.

In terms of experience and personality, we are completely different. I have my own focus, and I seem to enjoy the work itself and many things related to this field. I can say that I am lucky to a certain extent. However, I often wonder what my life would be like if I didn't choose this path.

My senior sister is someone who can do her own things well and can separate her work from her personal pursuits. She enjoys exploring various interests and hobbies such as rock climbing, dancing, swimming, surfing, boxing, and most importantly, painting. She explores freely in her various interests and does not care much about gains and losses or the meaning behind them. She simply enjoys the process and the completion of herself.

Even though she is in a stage of her career and personal development that many people envy, she is filled with enthusiasm when she talks to me about her plan to take a one-year full-time program in a fine arts college next year to learn painting. It is not for a career transition or a change in direction, but simply because she likes it. For a moment, I couldn't tell if I was envious of her pursuit of something she simply "likes" to such an extent, or if I was amazed that she could find such a liking.

Perhaps I have also made some changes in certain stages, whether it is in academics or the direction of my work. It seems that I also need some courage, but deep down, I know that I have balanced the costs and gains of these choices. It has been a long time since I have done something for my inner pursuit and pure enjoyment. My senior sister is experiencing and practicing the kind of life that I once yearned for, and it shows me the possibility of another way of life.


This section will record my input and output, as well as other interesting things.



Received a comment from a reader named seyee:

I'm curious if you read all these books (no questioning, just as a corporate worker, I think it's amazing to read so many books in a week).

Of course, it is impossible to read so many books in a week, haha. I have the habit of reading multiple books at the same time, especially for non-fiction books, I may read a few chapters every day. I choose different books to read based on the time of day and my mood. On average, it takes about 2 weeks to finish reading a complete book. However, if I come across a plot-driven book that I am interested in, I may finish it in an afternoon or evening, or during two or three commuting sessions. The books listed are mostly books that I finished reading this week or books that I read some chapters of.


For me, reading is not about quantity or output. It is more about being an input channel and a way to relax to some extent (although when I was reading "Fang Siqi's Paradise of First Love," I was emo for several days). I rely on books, movies, and other media as a sanctuary because of the pressures from work and various aspects of life. They are like my own pure land.

  • My Profession is Novelist, currently reading.
  • Common Sense, currently reading.
  • The Complete Self-Learning Manual, actually, I don't seem to like books like "How to Read a Book" that focus on tool and technique skills, but there are indeed many valuable experiences in this book. It has been popular recently, and I just started reading it, hoping to have some reference in terms of methods.
  • What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, I found out that it is written by the author of the stick figure. It talks about many curious questions that I had when I was a child.

TV Shows#

  • Hacking Google, unexpectedly, it has a good sense of rhythm. Although it does not go into technical details, it presents each link in the security chain clearly. I admire it.
  • Edge of the World, currently watching, but I feel that the pace has been a bit average since the third episode. However, I will probably finish watching it.
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