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Weekly Report #11 - Mood, Travel, and Unexpected Encounters



This article is a record and reflection on the life of the week from 2022-09-05 to 2022-09-12.

The past week has been quite eventful, both during the weekdays and the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Work has become busy but interesting. There have been some changes in daily life, making it less boring and monotonous. Even during short car rides, I habitually take out my Kindle and flip through a few pages, quickly immersing myself in it. I have also been going out more, even if it's just aimlessly walking on the streets.

Everything seems to be getting better.



Although I don't talk much in general, I am quite emotional. I can feel a sense of melancholy due to sudden emotions, stare into space for a long time because of the ending of a movie, and feel inexplicably happy because of small details in life.

I am not someone who is always optimistic about life. I still feel that there is more misfortune than luck in life, and I often feel that I should bear the pain. In the past year or two, I have experienced a lot of painful things. Some were caused by natural disasters and man-made calamities, leaving regrets and unwillingness. Some were self-inflicted, leading to self-blame and regret. Fortunately, I have a few close friends who may not always be by my side, but the pleasant moments we have shared in the past often illuminate my darkest moments like the warm winter sun.

But sometimes, I need to step out of my own corner and walk in the sunlight.

I woke up a little late this morning. When I came to work, the weather was already sunny. The temperature was fine, with a slight breeze. I was listening to a song (Mayday's "Gentle") and suddenly felt very good. It has been a long time since I felt so relaxed and pleasant from the bottom of my heart.

I am grateful for these moments, even if they are fleeting emotions. They make me feel that I have reconciled with certain parts of myself and the surrounding time and space.


I can't really call myself a travel enthusiast. Most of the free time I had before was spent at home. The thought of planning various travel arrangements has lost much of its appeal, not to mention enduring the crowds and noise at popular tourist attractions.

After buying a camera, I started to have some thoughts about going out. Even during my internship and work, I often carry my camera with me and unintentionally visit many cities, capturing many memories. After watching the travel photography videos of "Little Deer Lawrence," I added one item after another to my travel bucket list, but I have yet to fulfill them.

I had plans to travel to Qingdao in August, but due to work and various trivial matters, the trip did not happen (probably more due to laziness). Then the pandemic started spreading in various places, and I could only keep postponing it. So when I suddenly found out that I had to go to Qingdao for a business trip on the second day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the joy outweighed the pressure of the sudden work task.

I booked an early morning ticket for the next day and enjoyed the scenery along the way while catching up on sleep. Fortunately, I met a local taxi driver after arriving. After chatting for a while, I spontaneously decided to change my itinerary and let him take me for a ride along the seaside, stopping along the way to enjoy the sea breeze and take a few photos whenever we came across a nice view.

This one-hour journey seemed like a condensed version of a Qingdao trip. I didn't follow any travel guides or rush between several attractions. If I missed some views, it was okay, as there were not many regrets. But if I felt something in my heart, it would become a beautiful part of my memories and make me smile even after a long time.

Because I only brought a lightweight 55mm F1.8 lens, I could only take distant shots due to time constraints. So the hurried shutter clicks didn't yield the most satisfying results, but at least I captured some memorable moments and barely formed a theme called "People by the Sea."



The same thing happened when my close friend and I went to Thailand. Instead of staying in bustling Bangkok, we spent more time in Chiang Mai, sometimes just walking on the streets to find some inconspicuous local delicacies or exploring the other side of the city through Pokémon Go activities.

I increasingly feel that for myself, the focus of travel is no longer on the "top ten," "must-visit," or "breathtaking" sceneries, but rather on the emotional experiences during the journey and the time spent together. In this state of mind, all the serendipitous encounters become even more beautiful.

After watching the latest video by "Little Deer" titled "How Desperate is Travel Without a Guide...," maybe Yunnan will be the next destination.


This section will record my input and output, as well as other interesting things.


This week, I worked on some development related to blockchain interaction, which was quite interesting. I also plan to further study data processing on the chain. I have also started to write some production-level smart contracts. There are many tasks at work, and I need to launch two new modules that I am responsible for before the National Day holiday. I need to work hard.


It was unexpected that my article "PostgreSQL Basics and Practices" received a lot of attention and feedback. I will continue to write articles on work practices. Currently, I have completed:

I also jumped on the Go bandwagon and translated an article for GoCN:

There are many other topics I want to write about. I can't be lazy anymore.



  • Hackers & Painters: I'm currently reading this book during my commute. I initially thought it would be practical content like "Soft Skills" that I could read for entertainment during the journey, but it turned out to have many interesting ideas and a pleasant writing style. I have always felt that coding, painting, and writing are different forms of creation that can bring the joy of creation. However, few books can express this part so naturally.
  • Bullet in the Brain: Currently reading.
  • The Details of the Rule of Law: Currently reading.


  • Blue Gate: My deepest impression of Taiwanese movies was probably "Yi Yi." Many dialogues, monologues, and long shots in that movie felt like capturing fragments of memories. I watched "Blue Gate" during the holiday, and it truly captured the essence of early youth films. It showcased the beauty that the term "aesthetic" has been overused to describe. Chen Bolin's "In Time with You" has influenced many aspects of my youth, and even some of my thoughts and character have been deeply influenced by it. My impression of him has always been calm and warm, the kind of person I want to become. In this movie, I saw a similar but different side of him. One thing I really liked was how he repeated his words seriously and firmly, whether it was self-introduction or a question with anger. It seemed like he was confirming something with himself, with a touch of youthful timidity. The final monologue was also very touching. I finally found the source of a sentence I liked before: "Although I can't see myself with my eyes closed, I can see you."
  • Mr. Donkey: Another ensemble movie, which happens to be my favorite narrative style recently. I don't know whether to attribute it to the era or human nature, but chaos and the absurdity of political correctness intertwine and influence the various developments. Politics, love, and women encompass too many themes, but they don't make the story feel detached. The comedy and humor don't try to conceal the tragic core from the beginning, so even though the ending is a bit sad, there is still a sense of powerlessness.


  • Summer Ghost: Currently watching.
  • My Stepmother's Oil Can is My Ex-Girlfriend: Currently watching.


I am currently using the Sony A7M3, mainly because of its video performance. I also bought a stabilizer from DJI to shoot videos, but it's difficult to balance photography and videography. I'm thinking of getting another camera for street photography during future trips, and I'm quite interested in the Fuji Xpro3, especially its optical viewfinder and film simulation, which have a sense of ceremony.

But for now, I'll go out more and take more photos before upgrading my equipment.

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