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Weekly Report #07 - Learning, Certification, and Career Pursuit


This article is a record and reflection of my life from 2022-08-08 to 2022-08-15. This week's work mainly involved preparing for a project evaluation, which focused on presenting the plan. The work hours were relatively normal, and I gradually regained a good rhythm of life.

However, I feel that after getting used to staying at home after work, I lack the motivation to go out. The planned skateboarding and night running have been put on hold, but compared to before, I still went out a few times. I had dinner with friends on weekdays, visited Nanluoguxiang on the weekend, and took a walk in Shichahai at night. I always thought that the name of this place was beautiful, and I finally got to see it.

After the adjustments last week, I also planned a lot of learning this week and decided to test myself by obtaining a certification. It can be considered as external motivation. I also discussed work adjustments, remote work, and career pursuit with a few friends.

Learning and Certification#

In the previous two projects, I often used Docker and Kubernetes. I am familiar with their basic commands and configuration file writing, but I have never systematically studied their architecture and technical details. Last week, I watched some explanations on the YouTube channel 'TechWorld with Nana', which filled in many knowledge gaps.

However, because Kubernetes involves many components and operations, I tend to forget them if I don't use them for a while. Moreover, not practicing hands-on exercises is not conducive to memory retention. I am also interested in DevOps and often experiment with automation tools and serverless applications. So I plan to study more systematically and obtain the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) certification, a project jointly developed by CNCF and the Linux Foundation. This project is mainly for developers and covers many knowledge points:


What's special about this certification exam is that it consists of 19 hands-on practical questions. You can also refer to the official Kubernetes documentation. There is no need to memorize anything, making it suitable for assessing learning outcomes. I bought the course 'Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD) with Tests' on Udemy and have been immersed in practicing the labs it provides. Since it is an online environment, it is very convenient, and it brings back the feeling of rushing to complete assignments before the due date, just like when I was studying.

Actually, during my university years, I seemed to have taken many certifications inexplicably. The most memorable one was the Intermediate Software Engineer (Software Designer) certification. The exam consisted of a theoretical comprehensive test in the morning and a practical test in the afternoon. The pass rate was less than 30%. I was very nervous when I first registered for the exam. I bought books and various materials early on, but I kept procrastinating. I only started intensive review and practice half a month before the exam. In the end, I barely passed. Because I majored in English in college, I also took the English Proficiency Test Level 4, English Proficiency Test Level 8, IELTS, and so on. I increasingly realized the importance of learning goals and plans in understanding a new field or mastering new knowledge. It is similar to the learning mode mentioned earlier, which is oriented towards weekly reports or blogs. Having a standard of output allows me to make my learning process more systematic and my thinking clearer. The recent ones should be CKAD and Japanese N2. I can explore others as well (although some certifications are really expensive).

Work and Adjustment#

This week, I talked with two friends about work-related matters. One is in the process of changing jobs and wanted to learn about web3-related information. The other recently joined a web3 team and I interviewed him about his thoughts on work. I envy them and find it interesting:

"You can meet more passionate/interesting people."

"I no longer take naps and am more willing to do a good job at work. I even feel like this is not work."

"Emphasize proactivity and challenges."

"Fewer meetings, sufficient freedom. Sometimes I unknowingly write code until one or two in the morning, a feeling I haven't had in a long time."

From their words, I can feel their passion and expectations. In addition to being a tool for making a living, they also have their own pursuits and ideas about the work atmosphere, mode, and content. This also greatly influences my definition and standards for future work.

The past few days have seen some relief in terms of learning and work status, but my sleep is still somewhat poor. I often have fragmented dreams mixed with many past memories, which are still difficult to recover from after waking up. It's time to start making an appointment for a physical examination. I want to complete it in August.


This section will record my input and output as well as other interesting things.


As mentioned above, this week mainly focused on learning DevOps and preparing for the CKAD exam. I also made some learning notes on automated deployment and operation tools such as GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions, and Ansible, and I am still organizing them.

I also picked up some skills in photo editing (Adobe Photoshop + Affinity Photo) and video editing (Final Cut Pro X + Davince Resolve) and started planning my life records again.

After procrastinating for over a month, I finally realized that I owed an article to my editor at Shaoshupai (a tech media platform). I sent the first draft of the article on Stablecoins and will make some revisions and additions based on the feedback. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

The article I wrote earlier, 'Thin Client Development Workflow Based on frp Reverse Proxy Tool', was finally published this week and included in the Prime section. It's also a small achievement.

For the rest of this week, I will continue to complete the following blog posts (which may be more like notes on practice):

  1. Principles and Architecture of Cosmos
  2. Basics and Practices of Docker
  3. Basics and Practices of Kubernetes



  • The Tim Cook Biography: Almost finished reading it. I feel like I have gained a deeper understanding of the ideas and philosophy behind Apple products.

TV Shows#

  • Very Lawyer Yu Yingyu: It's getting intense, with some conflicts in the plot. Little Whale is really cute.
  • Stone and Feather - Can This Be a Lawsuit?: A new Japanese drama, also in the legal genre. I'm not particularly interested in the male lead, but because the female lead is Arimura Kasumi, I have a reason to watch it.


  • The Break-Up: The cinematography and overall pacing are very comfortable. The majority of the film focuses on crime and psychology, but it lacks some development in plot and mindset changes. The fun part is finding various uses of Apple devices in it.


  • Summer Ghost: Continuing to follow the plot development.
  • My Stepmother's Oil Bottle is My Ex-Girlfriend: I quite like this kind of romantic anime.
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