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Weekly Report #03 - Health, Goals, and the Rhythm of Life


It seems that every time I start from the title, I seem to have to set a theme for the past week. Sometimes it's not easy to summarize, but I still insist on doing so. It seems that living like this will be like piecing together chapters, and looking back after a long time will give a sense of fulfillment, like composing a book.

This article is a record and reflection of my life from 2022-07-04 to 2022-07-10.


I don't know if it's due to work exhaustion or some lingering mental effects, but recently I have felt signs of a decline in my health. It's not very serious, but I often feel a sense of weakness, and sometimes even feel like my body is not my own.

It seems that I have never paid much attention to my health for so many years. Although I have regular physical examinations, there is nothing major. Therefore, I haven't paid much attention to it, and sometimes I even feel a little proud that my vision and body have not been affected after staying up late for so many years. But the recent signs have made me have to start paying attention to the changes in my body.

The first thing to pay attention to is diet. Because I adhere to intermittent fasting (16+8), which means not eating for 16 hours and then having two main meals within the remaining 8 hours, I haven't had breakfast for a long time. Since I need to go to the company regularly on weekdays, I can basically guarantee that I have lunch at around 12 o'clock. Occasionally, I have a meal with colleagues after work or eat something casually after going home. However, it is difficult to control on weekends, sometimes I only have one meal a day or just fruits. This part also needs adjustment, and I also need to pay attention to balanced nutrition.

Sleep has always been a problem that I know but find it difficult to adjust. In the past two months, it seems like I have been deprived of sleep. I usually go to bed around 4 or 5 in the morning, wake up after 8, then commute, and then start a day of work. Actually, my mental state hasn't been affected much, and I don't even need to take a nap, but there have been some invisible consumption. This week, I deliberately adjusted my sleep schedule from a little after 2 in the morning to 8 in the morning, and I feel a little better.

I will undergo a comprehensive physical examination in July. To be honest, I am quite worried about the results. It's like when I was in college, during the two years of entrepreneurship, I didn't dare to go to the hospital for an examination without a definite index. Fortunately, everything was fine at that time, and I hope it will be the same this time.


More than two years ago, when I was rebuilding my blog, I wrote the following paragraphs on the "About" page:

In life, I hope to continue to support each other with my close friends, maintain a close relationship with my family, face life challenges with the people I care about, and also meet more interesting people.
In my profession, I hope to continue to make progress and leave some traces in the open-source world.
In terms of finance, I hope to be self-sufficient and have enough support to do what I want to do, explore a more diverse future life.
In society, I hope to have the opportunity to participate in some public welfare activities or other forms of good deeds, and bring some small changes to the world.

Interestingly, maybe because I didn't set specific goals at that time, or maybe I haven't made much progress in this regard, looking back at this point, there is nothing to add, but I will think more concretely about what kind of person I want to become.

In general, I want to be an interesting person and live a different life. I also hope that what I pursue is not just relying on changes in work content or environment, but also finding and persisting in doing something that I want to do and may be good at, even if I don't have the ability to do it full-time or wholeheartedly.

Of course, I want to be more specific. I will record this part in the weekly report later, as a record of continuous exploration. At least I need to look at more lifestyles that I aspire to and deconstruct the changes and efforts I need to make to achieve them.

The Rhythm of Life#

This week, I went out to dinner with two friends separately. It was probably the most face-to-face communication I have had in the real world besides my colleagues in the past few months, and they are also the few friends I can talk to in Beijing.

One of them is my senior sister in the same university, and we have always maintained close contact. We regularly chat about recent developments. She also took care of me a lot when I traveled to Guangzhou before. However, meeting or chatting is not frequent. I don't know if it's because of the identity of "club president -> department minister" or "senior sister -> junior brother" in college. It seems that there has never been a deep exchange of thoughts. On the contrary, after working, we have a deeper understanding of each other's life situations and can empathize more, giving each other care and support.

The other friend is also a senior sister from the same university, but I met her through my mentor Liang Liang after graduating. At that time, I was about to go to Hong Kong, and Liang Liang said that she had studied and worked in Hong Kong before, so we could communicate and take care of each other. But I had just arrived in Hong Kong for a month, and my senior sister left due to personal plans. Here are some thoughts at that time:


Unconsciously, it has been almost two years, and I didn't expect that I would come to work in Beijing later, which is also a coincidence. Her life situation and attitude have always been what I aspire to. Whether it was in Hong Kong before or now in Beijing, even though the working environment and pace are completely different, she can still learn to play the violin, paint, surf, box, rock climb, dance, and so on on weekends or in her spare time.

She said that she hopes to do something meaningful every weekend in the future. I feel that she has always been able to practice her ideas clearly. It's not just a matter of execution. I may not be bad in this regard, but I can clearly feel that she can define the boundaries between her work, life, and personal ideas, which I call the rhythm of life. I also hope that I can do better in the future.

An interesting episode is that I had a lot of conversations with the boss and friends in a Japanese restaurant. Maybe it was because of the Beijing accent and the bizarre experiences, the whole conversation was like a talk show, and I felt that I could catch the jokes, which was a rare and relaxing experience recently.

Learning, Input, and Output#

This section will record the various audiovisual books I have read, the interesting things I have done, and the progress of my work and study.

Technical Learning#

I have to admit that this week, both my work output and my study progress have fallen behind. Mainly because the project is coming to an end, most of the work tasks are to cooperate in completing some tests and document changes, and discuss some technical solutions, without much substantial development work. The rest is to explain our products and implementation plans to clients of the new project.

Even so, there are still many trivial matters. I often go home after 9 o'clock, and I don't have a complete time to watch courses or read books. I need to make some adjustments next week, mainly focusing on contract development and CSAPP.

I was invited as a guest to participate in a technical sharing event on July 14th, targeting a well-known community. It will be about half an hour, and the topic is "How Web 2 Engineers Can Enter Web 3". It's my first time participating in such a large-scale technical sharing event, and I have just started my career, so I'm a bit nervous and need to prepare well.



In terms of books, I finished reading "Lolita" that I had been reading during my commute before, and started reading "The Love Garden of Fang Siqi". I have gradually become accustomed to reading books in crowded subways, so I can accumulate a lot.

After reading this thread by @yihong0618, I also want to revisit many of Murakami's books. I remember reading "1Q84" with my classmates in high school, and I was deeply impressed by its presentation. During college, I read "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running", which gave me a lot of thoughts about life. Maybe I will have a different experience when I reread them at this stage.

TV Shows#

  1. The Boys: It's a novel take on the superhero genre, and the quality of all three seasons has been consistently high. Highly recommended.
  2. Mr. Robot: I watched the first few seasons of this show a few years ago, but I rewatched them and caught up with the latest season. It's very exciting, and it also provokes deep thoughts in many aspects.
  3. High Score: I watched this documentary series about the history of video game development during meal breaks. It's not outstanding, but it's a decent introduction to the subject.


  1. Blade Runner 2049: It combines elements of dystopia and romance. Watching this kind of theme after the development of technology to the present lacks some surprise, but it brings some concerns and even despair about the future.
  2. Her: It also combines elements of technology and romance, telling a story of falling in love with artificial intelligence. To be honest, I can relate to it to some extent. I may have relied too much on and indulged in technology, even neglecting the true feelings of many people's lives.
  3. Nomadland: It depicts the lives of a group of homeless people in the United States. It can be seen as another perspective, but the deliberate rendering is too heavy to truly touch people.
  4. Roman Holiday: It's a classic, and Audrey Hepburn is truly beautiful.
  5. Groundhog Day: I watched a Japanese up-and-coming creator's short film in the style of "Groundhog Day" before, and I've been wanting to watch it. Finally, I did. It's quite good.
  6. A Separation: I missed the re-release of this movie before, so I caught up with it. It's good, but not surprising. Among war-themed movies, I probably still prefer "Life Is Beautiful".
  7. Waves: It's also a war-themed movie. I was recommended to watch it in high school, but I didn't. I finally watched it now, and I really liked it.


  1. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Season 3: It's a romantic comedy, and I really like it. Each season has been amazing, and the ending is really sweet.
  2. Spy x Family: It's also a comedy. The first few episodes were surprising, but it became a bit too exaggerated later, and some character settings were inconsistent. Overall, it's very enjoyable.
  3. Summer Time Rendering: It's the most surprising new anime of the season. The world view and rhythm are amazing. It's a half-year series, so I will continue to watch it.
  4. My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex-Girlfriend: I feel like my anime side suddenly awakened, and I started to follow some anime. The names are weird, but I watched the first episode and it's not bad.


This week, I wrote two articles that I am quite satisfied with:

  1. Developing a Thin Client Workflow Based on frp Reverse Proxy
  2. Warp, iTerm2, or Alacritty? My Terminal Journey

Surprisingly, the first article was selected as a member's choice by Shaoshupai, unlocking a new achievement. The second article has just been completed and sent to the editor, waiting for feedback. As for the blockchain-related article that I received a commission for a long time ago, I haven't started working on it yet. Maybe I need to prioritize it on my schedule.

I am gradually developing my own style and logical structure in writing this kind of article. I also have my own writing rhythm and a regular frequency. I will continue to accumulate topics that I want to write about.

Habits, Interests, and Changes#

There has been no progress in developing habits and interests this week. I need to start the Adventure Sync in Pokémon GO with a fixed frequency, and I also need to start learning some things. I need to overcome the fatigue of life.

Also, I want to dye my hair. I am considering either ash gray or flaxen green, but I haven't decided yet.


The most noteworthy thing is that my sister, who is in the sixth grade now, has started writing serialized online novels. They are related to the fantasy genre. She stays up an hour later every day to write on her iPad for an hour. She has persisted for a week and updated her work on an online novel platform. She has received a lot of readership and exposure, and many people are urging her to update more. We often encourage each other and ask if the other person is writing.

Next week, I plan to start taking time off and spend time with my parents and family. The last time I went back was during last year's National Day holiday. I also want to find an opportunity to travel, but the pandemic has brought many variables.

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